Resurfacing Driveways - Asphalt Resurfacing

Asphalt resurfacing means installing a new layer of Asphalt over the existing layer of Asphalt on the driveway. You will also hear this process referred to as overlaying or capping a driveway. We recommend an overlay to our customer when the existing driveway is stable and we properly address the existing surface. Removing any loose Asphalt that would compromise. The new layer of Asphalt from binding with the old Asphalt.
For resurfacing driveways leaving the existing Asphalt driveway in place is always the first option we consider. Asphalt provides a stronger base than gravel and resurfacing the driveway saves our customers any unnecessary cost.
The process for driveway paving and resurfacing would be to remove asphalt that is next to surrounding surfaces such as a garage floor, sidewalk or street, to help level the Asphalt so it won’t create a lip around these surfaces. Then clean and remove the existing Asphalt. Followed by applying a bonding agent to the existing driveway. And finally installing asphalt that we compact and tamp the edges of the driveway for improved strength and smooth black surface for a longevity.

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